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How to Avoid a DUI (Driving Under Influence) in London by Hiring a Private Chauffeur?

A DUI, which means ‘Driving while Under the Influence’, is a law that is slapped on people who drive under the effects of drugs, alcohol etc consumed more than the prescribed limits. DUI cases can include financial penalties, imprisonment and / or even disqualification. 

You can be arrested while driving a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any illegal substance. Find out how hiring a private chauffeur can help you to avoid a  “driving under influence” especially during this Christmas period.


Outsourcing your driving requirements

Having professional handling your driving requirements can come in handy for you. Even if you are a little too tipsy to drive, your state of inebriation will not have any impact on your legal position. Even in case your chauffeur exceeds speed limits or drives in a dangerous way (highly unlikely!), he is going to be the one to be pulled up and not you.

Knowledge of DUI laws

Agencies having professional chauffeurs have proper knowledge about the DUI laws in London, and know how to avoid such issues. The expert drivers associated to such companies do not touch a drop of drink while carrying passengers to and from airports and other places such as event venues, homes, offices etc. Thus, you can expect them not to be booked for DUI cases. Drivers who are expert on London roads are also more cautious on roads with bars, pubs or hotels nearby.

Avoiding over-speeding

When you drive over speed limits, you become an easy target for DUI. Professional chauffeurs know the various thoroughfares and shortcuts in London and how to navigate them safely and timely. They have years of experience in driving and it is their daily job to navigate the roads quickly and get customers to their destination as fast as possible, and within the scheduled time. You can avoid over-speeding problems and a DUI case slapped on you.

Fully professional, background-checked drivers

The chauffeurs hired at “London VIP Transfers” are background-checked, drug-tested and hand-picked. They are trained professionally and comply with all the necessary regulations and laws. That’s why you can expect them not to be the type of drivers to be booked for driving misdemeanours like DUI. Well-trained drivers handle cars more responsibly and not being addicted means that they are better able to manoeuvre vehicles at any stage of a trip.

DUI Laws and Consequences are strict in the UK, and you can avoid issues by hiring a private chauffeur to help transport you to the destination of your choice.

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