Dashcam compilation by LondonVIPtransfers - London Chauffeur Service.

Hi there, this is our first video clip which we’d love to share with you all. It’s a dashcam compilation made of short clips which we recorded recently in London. All of them comes from our chauffeurs and we tried to do this video more watchable by adding some background music.

What's in the video?

You’ll find inside 12 clips of typical bad driving. No hardcore crashes here, just normal everyday stuff. Many dangerous situations could be easily avoided, it’s just an impatience which plays the main role here. Drivers jumping through red lights are mostly London private hire drivers, they hold the same licenses to carry people as we have… It’s sad, isn’t it? Would you like to be driven by one of those ridiculous drivers? I bet, not. That’s why the best way of travelling is by choosing London VIP transfers – our premium London Chauffeur Services.

Here is the list of things you can see in this video clip:

  • tiredness, drink driving or texting (not sure which one) on a motorway in the night…
  • scooter rider doing a wheelie…
  • Mercedes AMG driver, drives like a maniac…
  • London minicab drives through a red light…
  • a few minor incidents…
  • and more…

Dashcam used: VIOFO A119 – HD 1080p / 30fps

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