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***First bookings taken for our Royal Ascot Chauffeur Service***
When? 15-19 June 2021
Where? Ascot Racecourse, High St, Ascot SL5 7JX, Berkshire, United Kingdom

A bit of the racing history at Ascot...

This fantastic and renowned racecourse in the United Kingdom is known for hosting the famous Royal Ascot races during the summer season. Located near the Thames Valley in Berkshire, this venue is among the few sporting arenas having a rich history and heritage. The first four-day-long meeting was held in 1768. Until 1939 it was the only horse racing annual event at this place. After WW2 the things sped up, and from 1965 there are also jump fixtures held during the winter season. There are 18 days of racing in the summer season and eight days from October to March. Over around 250 years, the racecourse has been established as a national institution. The place stands to have evolved, with various horse races and aerial displays fueling its popularity.

So, why this is so popular?

Speaking of popularity, this is mainly due to Queen Elizabeth attendance, who is present every day at Royal Ascot since 1953. Her horses are racing every year, and in 2013 queen's filly "Estimate" won the Gold Cup, the most prestigious race during the five-day meeting. The total prize money for Royal Ascot in 2021 is 6 million pounds (in 2020, 3.61 million).
But not only horses makes this place unique. The guests from around the world, celebrities, rich and famous, and undoubtedly famous hats, together with the newest fashion trends - all of it contributes to its popularity. 

Ascot grand stand

If you are a ticket holder, you must know the dress code...

There are five enclosures at this venue, and each of them has a slightly different dress code, but certainly, it is very formal. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only Royal Enclosure and Queen Anne Enclosure will operate this year. If you are a lucky ticket holder to one of those, you must know what to wear on this occasion. The officials didn't announce the complete dress code for 2021 yet, but it will be similar to 2020. In short, for Royal enclosure, the ladies should wear a hat, have a dress or skirt falling just above the knee or longer. The full-length ladies formal suits are also allowed. Gentlemen's must wear a black or grey hat, morning suit and black shoes. In the Queen Anne enclosure, men don't have to wear a hat, but a full suit with a collar and tie is still required. For complete information on what to wear at Ascot, visit the official website.

v-class inside , steering wheel visible

Are you excited to visit Royal Ascot? Don't forget to book your chauffeur service.

And book your car early, don't leave it to the last moment. Thousands of individuals are anticipated to come every year for five days in the Royal Ascot week. There are just 8,000 parking spaces that you can find. Thus, there is every bit of risk of not being able to find a parking space for your vehicle. A professional chauffeur agency like ours can handle driving and the parking aspect, while you can enjoy the event. It would help if you also remembered a lot of champagne is pouring at Ascot, so we advise you to book a professional chauffeur for this event.

What are other benefits of having a private chauffeur to Ascot?

Clean and hygienic cars

It is essential to have a clean and hygienic car when booking a chauffeur from the agency during the pandemic. We continually pay attention to details when cleaning the interiors of our vehicles. With sanitised seats, handles and buttons; wiped glass on the windshield and side windows, you can enjoy the most hygienic ambience while heading to Ascot or any other destination. And indeed, hand sanitisers are always available in vehicles.

Courteous chauffeurs

When it comes to limousine or taxi services, we are sure that you will like the services provided by our chauffeurs. They are very friendly towards their clients. Our drivers are not only accommodating but also very helpful. They would treat you professionally, and they understand what exactly their customers want and how to do their job to be the best chauffeur for their passengers.

Complete Privacy

With a chauffeur, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while being driven to the venue. You can ride alone or with your chosen group comprising friends or family members without sharing the ride with people you do not know or are not comfortable with. Our drivers are discreet and only chat with passengers when they asked for it. 

Quick and efficient online booking system

Booking the vehicle through our online system takes only a minute. Fill in fields in the form, choose a pickup address, and you will get an all-inclusive price. Then pay securely with your card, and that's all. If you want a car for a day waiting for you and bring you back, then email us, and we will add a free 1 hour to your daily package. YES, you will get 11 hours at the price of 10 and prices starting from 350GBP. But you must act fast. There is no promotion for those who leave this till the last moment.

Ascot grand stand

Exceptional Customer service

When it comes to providing impeccable chauffeur services, competitiveness and punctuality are essential. After all, we pride ourselves on being one of the best. But our chauffeur services don't stop with these. Allow us to introduce you to additional perks that will make your journey a breeze. You will get a complimentary copy of "Racing Post", mints, water bottles, in-car Wi-Fi and a choice of luxury cars paired with great prices. You can choose an entry-level executive class car (Mercedes E-class), premium class (BMW 7 long, Mercedes S-class) or Mercedes V-class if you need to travel with a small group of friends. Whatever are your requirements, we can fulfil them with our Royal Ascot chauffeur services.

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