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Smart packing tips for business travellers

Business trips can be a great way to build relationships with your clients, grow your network, and learn more in-depth about their business. When travelling for business, the last thing you need is to worry about how to dress appropriately. Perfecting your travel style should be as easy as perfecting your sales pitch. However, packing and dressing for business travel is a bit more complicated than that. Business travellers often confront factors like flight delays, weather changes, and time restrictions that can throw their daily routine out of whack. It's important to remember that good planning is key when preparing for travelling for business. Also, choosing the right chauffeur service is a part of pre-planning. Think about it in advance and have your driver ready on your arrival.

"The lesser the baggage you have, the easiest will be the travelling in this world"

Alok Jagawat - astrologist

The Right (and lightweight) suitcase

Wear your heaviest items like a coat and shoes on yourself to cut down on your baggage weight. Never take a large suitcase. Use only a carry-on cabin size bag. If you're a frequent traveller, it saves you countless hours spent at airports throughout a year. Make sure your suitcase is a hard-shell type and is weatherproof. It should have four multidirectional wheels and be easy to push. To add a layer of protection, invest in a good suitcase lock.

Let’s pack!

You want to start with obvious items and double-check them before you leave home. These essential things are:

  • travel documents (passport, visa), tickets and other confirmations

  • airline loyalty cards

  • travel itinerary

  • travel insurance policy

  • cash and payment cards

  • medicines and prescriptions

  • copies of all travel documents

How to pack smart - infographic

What clothes should you take with you?

Once you have your suitcase ready, think about the colours of your suit and matching clothes. Some say black is your friend. But dark blue or grey is a fine choice as well. Wear a suit on yourself, so you can save space for other items. Take a maximum of 2 pair of shoes, black or brown/tan - they can easily match with a casual outfit. Other essential clothes to pack are:

  • - shirts, go for white or light blue

  • - underwear and socks for each day plus one more

  • - matching tops and/or blouses

  • - 2 pair of trousers

  • - your favourite accessories like ties, belts and jewellery

  • - toiletries in a small bag which are ready to pass the airport security

To keep your style on point, pack fabrics that are wrinkle-free, such as denim and silk. You can also bring a bottle of wrinkle-release spray. Just use it on clothes in the evening and let them hang overnight. Consider selecting lightweight fabrics which don't take too much space in the suitcase. While wool makes you feel good and warm, it is heavy and is not a good choice for business trips.

Suitcase on the table, telephone, passport and tickets

Is that all? What about electronics?

First, you want to get a travel bag, perhaps a briefcase with a trolley sleeve which can slide over the suitcase handle. It helps a lot when walking in big airports like Heathrow, for example. Then, pack all your work essentials like a laptop, tablet, phone and noise-cancelling earphones for your conference calls. Charge everything at home and don't forget to bring all the chargers. When travelling to the UK, remember to have a travel adaptor. Think about portable power banks - they are useful when you're away from your hotel room.

You will probably need an internet connection during your business trip. Are you worried about how safe the internet in your hotel is? Consider investing in a portable Wi-Fi router. And remember, when you travel with our chauffeur service, you can connect your devices to in-car Wi-Fi at no additional cost.

What else?

Surely, we won't cover everything in this post. But for a business trip, some office essentials are a must. Make sure you have your business cards with you. Also, pack a pen, notepad, sticky pads, paper clips and extra USB pen drive. Take your work papers and documents. Think about what you need but don't overpack!

Nowadays, because of the spread of coronavirus, business travel is kept to the absolute minimum. Some people still need to travel, though. If you're one of those, surely you know the obvious, but I remind you here: facemasks and hand-sanitiser is a foundation of safe travel. Also, stay hydrated, always bring plenty of water on board. You never know for how long airport officials will ground your plane before or after the flight.

Thank you for reading this little guide. I hope you came away with some feels, some insight, or a bit of an inspiring moment. Remember, pack light - pack smart. Travel safe. Oh! And don't forget to book your chauffeured airport transfer before your trip to London.

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