How and where to get the Best Christmas Hampers in London?


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The year 2020 has been very strange and certainly very different from the years we have seen before. It has been dominated by COVID-19 news all across the globe. After many difficult months for most of us, it's time now to prepare for the Christmas season. And this year, even more people are waiting for the festive season in hope to meet their families and friends to spend a time together. A lot of people still can't meet their relatives due to many lockdown rules, but those who can, they want this time to be perfect and time to remember. And when, if not now is a better time to get presents and food which will be remembered for many months? Besides traditional presents, many people are ready to get and give others the thing that will always be linked with this time of the year. A Christmas Hamper or hamper gift, whatever you want to call it.


What exactly is the Christmas hamper?

By definition, according to Wiki, the Christmas hamper is "a traditional gift containing small nonperishable food items, particularly seasonal favourites such as fruitcake or plum pudding, chocolate, nuts, jams, biscuits, honey, smoked or dried meats, and cheese." It doesn't end here and inside you could find all the best food associated with the festive season. Those type of gifts/baskets can nowadays be obtained almost everywhere. From large supermarkets and small shops to Christmas markets and private chefs, they all are offering their goodies to customers or selling them online.

At London VIP Transfers, thanks to our clients we have come across something that surely must be one of the best Christmas baskets available in London in 2020. It was designed by an expert and freshly cooked by the chef who was serving royals and celebrities in recent years. Interested? You must be. I will tell you in a minute how you can get one of these fine food hampers, filled with delicious gourmet products prepared with luxury in mind. But first, I list some of the mouthwatering, beautifully packed items you can find inside.

What can be found in this no.1 Hamper box?

The selection is extensive and I am only showing you some of the fantastic delicacies and treats. Everything can be customized and tailored to your needs. Your imagination is the limit.
  1. ​​Oranges Caramel
  2. Sweet chestnuts
  3. ​​​​​​Marinated Figs
  4. Artichoke Tapenade
  5. Rum Baba
  6. Joyas clasicas
  7. Cantuccini
  8. Spicy giant olives
  9. Best Italian Panettone
  10. Herb Crostini
  11. Chocolate brownies
  12. Foie gras
  13. Bottle of Bottega Gold...

Glass jars christmas hamper

...and many more. Really. There is a lot more. Everything freshly cooked, carefully selected and packed in glass jars which can be used over and over. The basket itself looks fantastic and is environmentally renewable. All ingredients are sustainably sourced and the quality is second to none. Oh, I almost forgot... At Hampers Bazaar you can also get a wide selection of red and white wine from their cellar. All according to your taste and price range. And with no markup on wines.
Those hamper boxes can be used as perfect Christmas gifts for relatives or you can treat yourself.

Where I can get those unique, fine food Hampers?

For all information and orders please visit Facebook page Lehampers Bazaar or email

You can also call Renee on +44 (0)7768805855
Delivery is available in the London area. And if you’re lucky enough and there are still available slots, you can get personalized dinner and lunch prepared in the comfort of your home by the very same chef who made all of those treats.
If you want the best Christmas food contact Lehampers Bazaar.
And for high-quality chauffeur services in December and beyond contact us - London VIP Transfers - the place for your private travel in London.
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