What Can You Get with Chauffeur Driven TV and Film Set Transfers (Providing Transfers on Film Sets)?


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When you need to travel to a film or TV set, it can be nice to relax and have a comfortable trip. Thus, many professionals and production companies opt for chauffeur driven TV and film set transfers to provide them with transportation services to film sets.

It is possible to enjoy hassle-free journeys from and to sets. Find out what you can get with these service providers.


You can get a fleet of luxurious cars and a dedicated team comprising of fully-licensed and highly trained chauffeurs who can give you relaxing rides to studios in and around London (Pinewood Studios, Warner Bros, Elstree, Shepperton and more). They are able to maintain discretion at all times. Experienced chauffeurs understand all the complexities involved with working with various production companies and the need for consideration and discretion. They offer consistent and professional services, backed by discretion and reliability.

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High level of flexibility

It is possible to get highly flexible and reliable services and get effective transportation for crew and cast members to and from the sets. Chauffeurs are ready to be flexible wherever possible and for as long as desired, while also offering a luxury executive service. Flexibility is one of the key reasons why you should choose this type of service.

First-class standards

You can get well-spoken and perfectly-attired chauffeur who can greet you at the hotel or home and escort you to the car of your choice. You can choose beforehand from a range of vehicles such as Mercedes S Class, BMW and Jaguar. With these cars, it is possible to expect enough space and comfortable, plush interiors. You can get various in-car extras to assist you in proper relaxation. Following a hard day on the film or TV set, you will be greeted and driven back by your chauffeur. You may also ask him to drive you for a business appointment, dinner reservation etc.


In the TV and Film Industry, time is money. Every second count and you cannot afford to let down your producer by being late for the set. Chauffeurs from highly professional agencies are always on time and offer customer-focused services that can help you to be punctual on every day of the shoot. When you inform your schedule for the day beforehand to the agency, it is possible to get reminders from your chauffeur and be able to satisfy all your commitments for the day.

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