London VIP Transfers introduce BMW 730LD Exclusive.


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BMW 7 Series (G12) applauded with elegance, efficiency and enthusiastic designs were introduced in 2016 with the slogans of best sedans ever on the planet Earth. Right from its inception, people love it due to its performance delivery, backup and customer trust-building power. Therefore, it is characterized as one of the marvellous chauffeur cars ever made on Earth and is always a great addition to any chauffeur company.

Engine specification

Talking about the BMW 7 series for chauffeurs, we are presenting and elaborating the specifications of G12 7 series long 730LD which is quite unique in its numbers as well as its performance base. It is equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine with Direct Injection fuel system and longitudinal alignment. Its 6-cylinder engine is appointed with 24-valves, turbocharged and intercooler aspiration. This thrust giant can produce 265 horsepower with 4000rpm and a maximum torque of 620 Nm with 8-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drivetrain.

Economy and performance

Speaking about its fuel economy, it is simply amazing. It can cover 100 km in 4.8 litres in the combined scenario of motorway and city. Whereas, in town, it can cover 100 km in 5.7 litres and can do 100 km in 4.3 litres when hitting the motorways. Thank to its tank capacity of 78 litres it has a range of 1625 km in just one filling. Its CO2 emissions are also good, as it is only 127g/km CO2 emissions. Whereas its performance, while hitting the road and cruising through every situation, is quite phenomenal. It can hit the roads with 250km/h top speed and could reach 0-100km in as low as 6.2 seconds.

BMW 7 inside, rear seats

BMW 7 on the streen in Mayfair

First-class standards

This fantastic beast from BMW is well established and maintained with its bodily dimensions as it is blessed with a Turismo body figure and 4-door option and 5-seating capacity. This is properly balanced with 8.5 inch wide tires with 19-inch rims (depend on model between 18 and 21 inches) that are made for grip and extreme road pleasures. They do not only protect the driver but also gave him mild experience while cruising through busy roads and unfavourable situations. This fantastic tyre setup cooperates with a powerful braking system with vented discs at the front and rear wheels. This is purely designed for road holding, handling and driving comfort in every type of drive or road condition. This luxurious sedan is all set to fire and trigger your inner instincts for adventurous rides with its boot capacity of 520 litres.

Rear angle BMW 7 on the street


Going ahead to vehicle interiors, it is designed and equipped with luxury in mind. It is well-tuned and set up with leather seats and wood accents. Everything is crafted and designed with perfection to give a complete experience and technological equipped ride. Passengers at the back seat are also applauded with technology gadgets and are well served up to their will and to fulfil their desires with satisfaction. If you are a luxury saloon lover, you will definitely love its elegance and sleek design topped up with power.

BMW 7 series interior

front grille bmw 7

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